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Sep 26 / James Marshall

My Top 5 Websites

I start almost every day by checking the same few websites – it’s part of my routine and I don’t feel like I have really woken up properly until I’ve had my fix. Whether I’m on my phone, laptop or desktop the same few sites keep me going throughout the day. Here are my top 5 websites:

  1. BBC News This is usually my first stop for the latest on what’s going on in the UK and worldwide, there are often some really interesting stories in the magazine section and even though the BBC has its fair share of criticism I still find it to be one of the best news sources I have ever found.

  2. Neowin I’ve been visiting Neowin for so long I almost can’t remember a time without it (except a brief couple of months where I defected to The Verge). With a lean towards Microsoft and associated tech, Neowin has always been my go-to website for tech news.

  3. Twitter Since joining Twitter a few years ago it has proven to be more than just a social network for sharing what you had for breakfast. Twitter has been responsible for introducing me to people who’ve given me a place to live, a job, and even a relationship or two! News doesn’t spread faster than it does in the “Twittersphere”.

  4. The Daily Telegraph I’d love to be able to read this paper in print, but it’s just too big and cumbersome – at least they have a great website that provides an alternative view to the BBC.

  5. Facebook Last, but not least, the perennial favourite, Facebook. Usually I’ve checked this the night before, so checking in the morning just satisfies my sad curiosity to see what shenanigans my friends have been up to overnight – more often that not I’m disappointed and left to read about how people can’t sleep or how, by copying this status update, I guarantee salvation and a ticket to heaven.

Which websites do you visit every day?


Which sites do you absolutely have to visit? Do you get bored checking the same few places all the time, and how do you get your inspiration? Let me know!

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