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Sep 18 / James Marshall

Powered by Windows Azure

Over the years that I’ve had a blog it has been hosted in all sorts of different places and on different platforms; most recently a Linux VPS running Cherokee. The experience was pretty poor though, and it is one of the biggest reasons why I’d practically stopped blogging personally.

I blog professionally, but that’s in a different place.

I figured that as I spend all day helping customers deploy one of Microsoft’s other cloud services, Office 365 for education, I should probably have a look at what the Windows Azure service has to offer.


As it turns out, the VM role is exactly what I need. This website is now being hosted on an extra-small instance running Windows Server 2012 and I used the fantastic Web Platform Installer to get WordPress up and running in no time. The most lengthy part of the whole process was importing my old posts, picking a new theme and configuring all of my plugins – the ones I wanted to keep at least!

I’m really excited to see how Windows Azure can help reduce costs for my education customers looking to provide or extend services like federation through AD FS 2.0. Hopefully this will re-kindle my creative side and I’ll start to blog a little more often!

How do you host yours?

I’ve dipped my toe in the Azure water, how do you host your blog? Is it on an old PC under the stairs, or do you have something a bit more reliable? Let me know in the comments.

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