Build a Q&A Bot with zero code in less than an hour!

(This is version 2, updated with more detail and screenshots. I’ll continue to revise this post with more detail about each step if I find gaps in the guide. You should find there’s enough signposting for you to get started.)

It’s just gone 5:00am where I am in Seattle, WA. I fly home later tonight after soaking up a week with thousands of other members of Microsoft’s technical community at an internal event called TechReady. Needless to say, the content shared is highly confidential but is motivating, inspirational and truly awesome. It’s as a result of this shot of technical excitement that I decided to build a Q&A bot. What’s even better? I did it in less than an hour with zero code and so can you! Read on to find out how…

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What’s in my bag?

On Sunday, I’m flying out to Seattle for a week of pretty intensive and awesome technology training. I’m not a nervous traveller, but I hate that feeling that I’ve left something behind – especially power! In this post I’ll run through some of the devices I’m taking with me to keep me connected, without needing to take the entire home office and kitchen sink.

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Top 5 Password Security Tips

In the last few weeks, I’ve seen a flurry of activity online about weak passwords, the top silly passwords from 2016 and all sorts of advice about how to keep your identity safe online. I recently attended an event focused on “cyber security” and was amazed at the number of small businesses who’d fallen victim to some kind of attack (typically ransomware). In this post, I’ll cover my top 5 password security tips to help you and your business stay protected.

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Productivity Future Visions

At the end of my digital transformation presentation, I usually play a short version of the Microsoft Productivity Future Vision video as a glimpse into some of the technology scenarios we might see in the future. I often recommend people go back and watch previous versions to see just how many experiences are now possible with Microsoft technology. This post pulls together some of those visions of the future spanning 18 years of future-gazing.

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“That video from your presentations…”

One of the closing pieces from my digital transformation talk is a short version of the Microsoft productivity future vision video. It’s a view to the future of the types of productivity experiences and scenarios Microsoft is looking at over the next few years.

More often than not I get a follow-up query about where people can watch the video and I’m always scrabbling around to search for and link to it, so as much for my own benefit as yours, here is the longer version:

If you have any questions or thoughts please leave them in the comments or reach out to me via social media.

Top 5 Office 365 Help Resources

It’s fair to say that there is a lot of online content to do with Office 365. Whether it’s direct from Microsoft, from a Microsoft partner, blogger, or customer there are endless pages about all aspects of the service. It’s sometimes hard to nail down some of the most useful, up to date, or trustworthy. This post pulls together my top 5 Office 365 help resources that will be useful whether you’re a customerĀ or a partner.

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