It might not surprise you to know that in my line of work I meet a lot of customers who are ready to give me their opinion about Microsoft, its products like Windows 8 and Office 365, and vision. It isn’t always positive, but negative feedback is just as important.

I’m really privileged in being able to work with so many talented and passionate people. I listen to the way they talk about what they do and I wish that I could condense that passion and sincerity down into a 2 minute conversation that I could have with people I meet.

One of the more popular topics for feedback is Windows 8 and the new full-screen “modern” experience it introduces. Helpfully, I’ve found this fantastic video from UX Week 2012 where Jensen Harris talks about the story of Windows 8. It’s not a short video, but I’d encourage you to watch it all as it gives a rare insight into just how and why the Windows 8 modern UI looks like does.

The Story of Windows 8