Top 5 Office 365 Help Resources

It’s fair to say that there is a lot of online content to do with Office 365. Whether it’s direct from Microsoft, from a Microsoft partner, blogger, or customer there are endless pages about all aspects of the service. It’s sometimes hard to nail down some of the most useful, up to date, or trustworthy. This post pulls together my top 5 Office 365 help resources that will be useful whether you’re a customer or a partner.

5. Microsoft Office help and training

This portal contains tonnes of help articles and other materials relating to Microsoft Office and Office 365. It’s where I most often direct people with queries about Skype for Business Online.

4. Microsoft Trust Center

I’m frequently asked about Microsoft’s cloud security story, and the Trust Center is a brilliant portal to find out more about its compliance with industry regulations and approach to security. You can even break this down by industry and geography.

3. Office 365 Service Descriptions

Can Office 365 do X?” – if you’ve ever asked a question like that, the service descriptions are where you need to go. This portal has a comprehensive breakdown, by service, of what it can and can’t do. Ever wondered about the recipient limits for Exchange Online? Now you know how to find the answer.

2. Microsoft FastTrack

The go to place for planning a successful onboarding and deployment. You can find out whether you’re eligible for direct support from the onboarding team to kick-start your journey with Office 365. Even if you’re not, there are useful guides and connections to Microsoft’s specialist partners who can help.

1. Office 365 roadmap

If you’re investing in the cloud it’s helpful to have a view of the road ahead to know where Microsoft is going. This portal is Microsoft’s public roadmap for Office 365, with a detailed breakdown of all the features that are launching, in development and that have been previously released.

0. Bonus: Seamless SSO for Office 365

A little Christmas bonus link: details of the new authentication capabilities coming to Azure AD. This will allow customers to provide secure, seamless SSO using pass-through authentication to their users without the need to deploy complex ADFS infrastructure.








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