This is the technology I use

On Sunday, I’m flying out to Seattle for a week of pretty intensive and awesome technology training. I’m not a nervous traveller, but I hate that feeling that I’ve left something behind – especially power! In this post I’ll run through some of the devices I’m taking with me to keep me connected, without needing to take the entire home office and kitchen sink.


This is my number one fear. It’s pretty irrational since I’m going to a big city with lots of places to charge my devices if I run low. Still, you can never have too many batteries. Before Christmas, I’d invested in the Omnicharge. I’m still really excited by this device as it’ll charge almost everything I use in one unit; however, it hasn’t arrived. Such is the risk of investing in a crowdfunded campaign.


Zendure A8 Pro – 26,800mAh
Instead, I’ve just bought the crazy high-capacity Zendure A8. A 4-port, Quick Charge 3.0 compatible, 26,800mAh behemoth of a battery. This beast should keep my mobile devices charged over and over no matter how much I use them in a given day. I’m planning on taking lots of notes, pictures and videos – particularly on my phone – and this promises to charge it between 7 and 9 times before running out.


I’m sure the Omnicharge will be good when it comes, and it is different from the Zendure thanks to its 230V power options, and option to charge my laptop, etc. For now, it’s all hinging on the A8.



Microsoft Surface Book
My daily driver is my Microsoft Surface Book (the i7, 256GB version). It’s powerful and portable enough to allow me to do almost everything I need to do, and it works well on my lap (really important at events where your knees and desk are one and the same).


I actually use the Pen quite often to sketch out notes more effectively than I can type them, and the option to easily switch between the two is pretty handy. It’ll be the first time I’ve used it in a conference-style capacity so we’ll see how well it fares. My previous favourite for this was my trusty Lenovo X220.



Apple iPhone 7 Plus
After many years as a passionate and loyal Windows Phone disciple I switched last year to the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. This isn’t the post to get into the debates over platforms, suffice it so say that the iPhone 7 Plus is a fantastic mobile powerhouse of productivity when it’s packed with Microsoft’s Office and productivity apps.


The phone itself has a great battery (and I’ve obviously got the battery fatigue issue covered above), beautiful screen and a great camera. It’s only when you pair that with the apps that it really comes into its own. Some of my top picks:

The full list is long. When the Surface Book isn’t appropriate to use the iPhone 7 Plus is a very capable companion.

What’s in your bag?

What devices do you take with you to keep you going? Let me know in the comments!