Office 365 Education Name Change Explained

Isn’t it about time Microsoft changed the names for its education offering of Office 365?” Said nobody, ever.  Despite this, Microsoft is doing just that. Back in 2014 I wrote about the last set of major name changes when the “A SKUs” were rebranded as “E SKUs”.

In a note sent to Office 365 administrators via the message centre, Microsoft notified of a change effective as of October 1st 2017.

What’s Changing?

In short, hardly anything. The name change will not affect existing services, there’ll be nothing that you need to do to prepare for it. There’s no impact on any of the subscription features, or – importantly – the price of any of the offerings.

Old NameNew Name
Office 365 EducationOffice 365 A1
Office 365 Education PlusOffice 365 A1 Plus
Office 365 Education E5Office 365 A5

In summary, some names are changing but what you’re getting isn’t. Simple! 👍

If you’re automating the assignment of licences via PowerShell, I’m not aware that this change affects you. This is more of a marketing change than a technical one which is why there’s no action required.