In the run up to the end of the year, and the rest of my annual leave allowance, I find myself with quite a bit of time off! This year hasn’t exactly given much opportunity to ‘get away from it all’…

This week:

  1. Building projects seldom go to plan, and ours is no exception.

  2. I get a lot of energy from coaching others. It’s good practice for my coaching skills, and I learn so much about other people.

  3. Speaking to different teams requires you to speak different languages. Even within a company, the terminology can vary hugely and what makes perfect sense to you might be gibberish to someone else!

  4. You should never take your loved ones for granted. Ever.

  5. Sometimes, try as you might, your child may just want to take off their shoes and socks mid-walk, and get cold. You just have to suck it up, take the looks of disapproval from the people you pass, and move on. How can they know that, short of glueing them on, nothing will stop your child taking them off.

  6. Life’s too short for boring “out of office” responses.

  7. I need to be a bit quieter when I’m gaming late at night!

  8. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is beautiful. It’s big, but I’m really starting to love it.