It felt good to wrap up what’s been a pretty challenging year. Setting my OOF response for the last time until 2021 was liberating. That was until yesterday, when the last flicker of hope of was snuffed out by the Prime Minister. I hate almost everything about our current Government. Whatever happened to dignity and integrity in public office? I only hope that when this is all over, and we can see our way to another general election, we eject this current shit-show from office. For me, it’s not even about Conservative versus Labour - it’s the people who are the problem, not the politics. Anyway…

This week:

  1. I thought I’d lost some revenue this week, but it seems to have re-appeared. So, that’s one less thing to panic about.

  2. I am in one of the best teams I’ve ever worked in. The genuine, transparent committment to well-being is so refreshing. Whenever we return to whatever ‘normal’ ends up being, I don’t think I want to give up the balance I’ve struck.

  3. My treasured prototype Xbox One X failed this week - mid-stream, too! The HDMI out port seems to have broken. I’ve managed to order an Xbox Series S to tide me over until I can get my hands on a Series X, but with “no deal” Brexit looming large, I suspect I might have to settle for quite a while…

  4. Christmas is properly cancelled, but I take some comfort and strength in knowing that I’ll still get to be with my wife and daughters - and they’re the best things in my life, so nothing else really matters.

  5. The trench our builders have dug out in preparation for the extension continues to evolve into a moat with each passing day. I know a man’s home is his castle… but I didn’t want that to be taken literally!

  6. There are 11 days left of the year. That’s far too much time left for 2020 to get even worse. I’ve managed to hold things together pretty well this year - stiff upper lip, and all that. But I’ll be honest, I don’t know how much I have left in reserve. Staying strong for my family is hard work.

  7. I won a “good egg” award in work, and entered a pitching competition. Fingers crossed, please!

Next week: try not to work (I mean, it’ll be quiet, so that should be easy), relax, make the best of what we have.