Not much to say this week, apart from stating the obvious about it not being the sort of Christmas I’d have planned!

This week:

  1. Getting hold of an Xbox Series X is genuinely difficult. My Xbox One X died the other day (see last week’s post) and trying to replace it with a new model is surprisingly tough. I’ve managed to get a Series S via Spain, but can’t get my hands on a Series X for love nor money.

  2. We’ve had a breakthrough on the extension - sort of. The builders will be back next week and from there we might see some concrete get poured and some bricks get laid!

  3. My wife is much better at planning than I’ll ever be, and our “plan B” Christmas has been fantastic. Spending time with the girls has been very special and I’m selfishly a little pleased to have them all to myself.

  4. Speaking of my wife, she wants to take the decorations down tomorrow. I’m not sure how I feel about this!

  5. I think we’re about to lose a fish.

Next week: keep on trying not to work (I mean, it’ll be quiet, so that should be easy), relax, make the best of what we have.