I’ve had a couple of weeks off from blogging - not much happens over Christmas and New Year, especially during lockdown and a global pandemic… But I’m back to work now, and things are starting to spring into action again - so here, #6.

This week:

  1. I finally have an Xbox Series X! It truly is a beautiful console, and I’m glad I held out for it. I managed to sell my Series S so all is now well on the gaming front. Just need to get good at actually gaming now… always good to have a dream, eh!

  2. Work has resumed on the extension! Thames Water finally resolved their concerns with sewers, so the builders have come back. Tomrrow, the building inspector comes, after that concrete. Next week, bricks!

  3. I’ve let me wellbeing go over the Christmas break. I haven’t exercised nearly enough, and I’m starting to feel the impact on my mental resilience again. I really need to force exercise into my routine. Natalie’s doing a really great job of getting out every day, and I need to do the same. Especially with it being so grey at the moment.

  4. My neighbour’s wife died yesterday. Somewhat out of the blue, and not thanks to COVID-19. It has hit me a little - the fact that one day she was there, and now she’s gone. Life is such a fragile thing, and I feel so sad for her widower who is now alone, in COVID-19 isolation, without his partner. Really makes you think.

  5. Lighter days are coming - hopefully in every sense. I can’t wait to be out from under this really crap cloud the world seems to be covered by.

Stay safe.