This has been, on balance, a good week. As the situation with the pandemic goes on, I am finding things harder but it’s important to remember all the good that there is as well as the challenges.

This week:

  1. I get a lot of energy from coaching early in career employees, and I did a course on coaching to support my growth in this area. However, it’s hard to put that training into practice - the notion of listening longer before rushing to advice. Especially when the “coachee” outright asks you for your opinion or experiences of a situation! I find myself being dragged into more of a mentoring role, which I think is more of what early in career people need. Coaching feels like it might be better suited to people slightly further ahead in their career… not sure. Needs more thought.

  2. I’m feeling like the organisational state of my shed is a physical manifestation of my state of mind, and so cleaning it up a bit this weekend was somewhat cathartic! I’m terrible at taking notes and actions, I keep it all in my head. My head’s feeling more full than normal, so decluttering feels good. I also reached out to a tax advisor! I devote far too much stress and time to trying to sort my own tax affairs out and I have decided that it’s best just to outsource that to an expert rather than keep putting pressure on myself. It distracts me, and that impacts on my time with the family - they really notice when I’m distracted, and it’s not fair on them.

  3. I feel more positive than ever about the extension work, now that concrete has been poured and it feels like we’ve made a tangible step foward. I mean, a giant moat in my garden is also a step foward, but I think there’s a distinction between taking stuff out of the ground and putting stuff into it. I’m excited for next week when blocks and bricks go down. It’ll start to look like an extension and I’ll be grinning!

  4. I wrote last week about the sudden loss of my neighbour’s wife. I’ve thought a lot about that this week. Through this pandemic I’ve found myself longing for some alone time (steady!). Whenever my family are away (or in the beforetimes, when I’d be away with work), I miss them terribly even though I enjoy the peace and quiet. But for my neighbour, whose children have grown up and left home, that peace and quiet is permanent. It made me feel suddenly so selfish and wasteful to want that time to myself when one day, it might be all I have.

  5. I had a flurry of creative inspiration today. Felt good.

Stay safe.