I'm James and I am a Technology Strategist at Microsoft in the UK. I currently work with some of Microsoft UK's biggest partners on helping them shape, build and execute their technology strategy with Microsoft's products and services.

I started my career in IT in the real world; as an IT Technician in a local secondary school. After becoming a Network Manager I took a career break to go to Reading University in 2008 to study Information Technology.

I've been at Microsoft since 2010 and am proud to have consulted on some of the biggest Office 365 Education deployments in the world, transforming the experience of students and teachers with cutting-edge cloud technology. I have also helped dozens of public sector organisations move away from Windows XP to a modern, secure platform and have even spent some time leading a high-performing technical sales team, co-selling with highly skilled Microsoft Partners. Before my current role, I was acting as the CTO for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses for the UK.

One of my favourite things to do is get up in front of an audience and talk about how Microsoft technology can help get people on the path to "Digital Transformation".

You're probably a geek at heart - so am I; with a big passion for using technology in new ways to help people achieve more. In my spare time, I dabble with electronics (my favourite YouTube channel is bigclivedotcom), like to build things with my BBC micro:bit and various Raspberry Pis, eat good food and spend time with my wonderful family.

But enough about me. I want to hear from YOU. I love hearing about the cool stuff you're doing with technology, especially Microsoft technology. You can find me online in most forms of social media as jamesbmarshall.

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