One Year Later

One Year Later

A year ago, July 1st 2016, I started my role as a Partner Technology Strategist Technology Solutions Professional in Microsoft's SMB team in the UK. I am the only dedicated technology person in a rather large team. One year later, with a couple of job title changes thrown into the mix, I find myself at the [...]

This is the technology I use

On Sunday, I'm flying out to Seattle for a week of pretty intensive and awesome technology training. I'm not a nervous traveller, but I hate that feeling that I've left something behind - especially power! In this post I'll run through some of the devices I'm taking with me to keep me connected, without needing [...]

Microsoft Fun, Free Friday!

0530hrs and my alarm goes off with an unwelcome screech - it's time to get up ready for Microsoft's Fun, Free Friday event held on it's campus at Thames Valley Park, Reading. The event was designed to demonstrate some of the technologies Microsoft brings to the education sector including everything from Live@edu through to XNA [...]

What’s in a [user]name?

Sifting through various educational forum posts and blogs recently I came across an entry that discussed the conventions by which pupil usernames are created on a network – and what information they contain. When I joined my comprehensive school in 1998 I was given the username 98MARSHALLJ. The school had always used the [year of [...]

School IT Staff: No Longer Just A Man In A Cupboard

IT today, in many industries, is essential.  If ‘the system’ fails it can have catastrophic consequences resulting in lost earnings, lost work and, for the poor people whose fault it is deemed to be, lost jobs.  Businesses have come to realise the importance of IT and spend significant amounts of money ensuring that they have [...]