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Office 365 Education Name Change Explained

"Isn't it about time Microsoft changed the names for its education offering of Office 365?" Said nobody, ever.  Despite this, Microsoft is doing just that. Back in 2014 I wrote about the last set of major name changes when the "A SKUs" were rebranded as "E SKUs". In a note sent to Office 365 administrators via [...]

Microsoft 365 Explained

Microsoft 365 Business Explained

Earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled an awesome new set of tools called Microsoft 365.  It'll be available in two flavours; Enterprise and Business. In this post, I'm going to try and have Microsoft 365 Business explained simply. I'll cover why I think it's great for partners. I'll also have all the most useful information pulled [...]

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How To: Move Small Business Server to Microsoft Azure

Remember 2010? In technology terms, 2010 was a century ago. Yet, plenty of small businesses around the world still run applications and servers from that era today. Microsoft's Small Business Server 2011 is just one example. 2010 also marks an important milestone in the development of the modern "cloud" we use today as it's the year [...]

What is Office 365 Customer Lockbox?

Moving data to the cloud is, for many people, still a big deal. One of the most common concerns is over who has access to your data when it's in the cloud. In this post, I'll explain what Office 365 Customer Lockbox is, and how it can help address that concern. Office 365 Security Your [...]

Top 5 Office 365 Help Resources

It's fair to say that there is a lot of online content to do with Office 365. Whether it's direct from Microsoft, from a Microsoft partner, blogger, or customer there are endless pages about all aspects of the service. It's sometimes hard to nail down some of the most useful, up to date, or trustworthy. [...]