Useful Links

Inspired by my colleague Steve Bryant-Brown, who keeps a collection of useful links in his email signature, I’ve put together a list of useful links that will help (not just) Microsoft Partners. I’ll keep this page updated as I find new content.

If you got here by following the link in my email signature, welcome! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

Microsoft Partner

These links relate to general Microsoft Partner information.
Partner Learning Portal
Top Partner Product Q&A KB
UK Partner
Connect with Microsoft
Top Partner Questions

Microsoft Azure

These links all relate to Microsoft Azure.
Azure in CSP Documentation
Azure Migrate Preview
Azure Shortcuts
Azure Stack Shortcuts
Azure Services
Azure Interactives
Azure Learning Paths
Azure Architecture Centre
Azure Skills Training
How to price Azure solutions
Luper's Learnings Blog

Everything Else

These are links that cover a variety of other topics, from business applications to security, to industry matters like GDPR.
Trust Platform
GDPR Partner Resources
Security as a Service
Dynamics 365 Partner Centre
Microsoft 365 Business explained