What to look for when choosing a Microsoft Cloud Distributor

Part One - Competencies, Support, and Skills

My job is to work with IT distributors. Together with my team, we look after the top 10 Microsoft cloud distributors (also known as indirect CSP providers, or simply ‘indirect providers’) in the UK. In the last three years I’ve built up a pretty clear idea of what I would... [Read More]

How To Move Small Business Server to Microsoft Azure

Remember 2010? In technology terms, 2010 was a century ago. Yet, plenty of small businesses around the world still run applications and servers from that era today. Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2011 is just one example. 2010 also marks an important milestone in the development of the modern “cloud” we use... [Read More]

How To Build A Q&A Chat Bot

With zero code, in less than an hour

It’s just gone 5:00am where I am in Seattle, WA. I fly home later tonight after soaking up a week with thousands of other members of Microsoft’s technical community at an internal event called TechReady. Needless to say, the content shared is highly confidential but is motivating, inspirational and truly... [Read More]