Week Log 1

Thoughts and things I've learned this week.

I was inspired to do this weekly round-up of thougths and learning by a former colleague, Matt Ballantine, whoโ€™s been doing his โ€œweeknotesโ€ for quite some time now. Over 500 entries! As someone who wants to write, but struggles to commit to it, I figured that focing myself to form... [Read More]
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Tips For Running Really Awesome Microsoft Teams Live Events

What you need to know to make your Microsoft Teams Live Event stand out from the rest!

Over the last few months Iโ€™ve started to stream playing games on Mixer. Iโ€™ve picked up a lot of knowledge along the way which has been hugely useful when putting together Teams Live Events, which I did this week with my colleague, and fellow streamer, Eliott. There are many parallels,... [Read More]